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A LoveFor Flowers

     In 2020, my mom started a flower farm called Slupik MiniFarm. She grows flowers, harvests them, arranges them into beautiful bouquets, and sells them.  For a little while, she did all this by herself. I started helping her on the weekends and quickly fell in love with the whole process. Now, I help her full-time in the summers and whenever I have time during the school year. 

     Growing flowers is very rewarding. We plant the seeds/bulbs in the spring, water and fertilize the plants as they start to mature, harvest, and store the flowers. Then we use everything we have grown to make beautiful arrangements to share with the world. It never gets old seeing a smile on someone's face or hearing them say how beautiful a bouquet is. My favorite part though, is walking into the flower field around sunset in the fall when the dahlias are in full bloom. It is truly magical. I am so grateful that I have been able to grow up with flowers in my life.


The Flower House

In 2021, we opened The Flower House. My Dad and I worked together to build this small structure for the corner of our property where my Mom and I could sell our flowers and art. The idea was to make it contactless so that people would feel comfortable visiting during the pandemic. The Flower House is open spring through fall with seasonal flowers and goodies.

I started out selling cards at the Flower House, and I quickly expanded my inventory. I added paintings, stickers, wrapping paper, tote bags and more.  I am so grateful to be able to share my love of art with the world, and selling at The Flower House has been an amazing opportunity.

To learn more about our flowers and The Flower House visit


Finding Inspiration

Most of the time, I find my inspiration in the flowers that we grow. I look at individual flowers as well as bouquets that we've made. I like to look for elegant colors and intricate patterns when selecting my flowers, so a lot of the time, I turn to dahlias. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the flower, dahlias are the large ball-shaped flowers with tons of petals. They are tricky to grow, but 100% worth the time and effort. While dahlias aren't the easiest to paint, they always look stunning if I put in enough time. Sunflowers are another favorite of mine, especially when the light hits them just right. They look like they're glowing, which I guess, is why they're called 'sunflowers'. I love painting sunflowers because of their simple shape and vibrant colors.

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