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Graphic Design

I am certified in Adobe Illustrator and proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom. I design logos, brand packages, posters, digital illustrations, and more. 

Brigit's Bounty Community Resources Branding and Social Media

For Brigit's Bounty, I designed a full branding package including a full logo suite, a brand pattern, an icon bundle, and social media templates. I also photographed their garden and volunteers for use on their website and social media. 

The Peter Fund Designs

For The Peter Fund, I created sticker and t-shirt designs, posters to advertise for their "Kindness Counts '23" event, and a collection of banners for use at the event. 

Someday Shop --Hypothetical Branding

Niwot High School Girls Basketball Designs

For the Niwot High School Girls Basketball program, I have created posters and social media graphics to advertise events.